Why Cleaning Your Home Windows Is Not Part Of Hobby Cleaning

Knowing how to clean your own home is a task any home maker should learn and undertake; unless of course you are part of the ultra rich who want all their cleaning chores to their house help and other cleaning services for hire. There are some basic activities that any home owner can do that aren’t really considered a demeaning chore but a great source of pleasure. This is what some people are calling “hobby cleaning” or cleaning for fun or relaxation.

Many home owners who own a garden find it very relaxing to personally trim their flowers and cultivate the growing plant life. Gardening is a hobby for many women who adore spending their time planting new flowers and seeing their garden grow. There are of course many gardeners that they can hire but since they adore this activity, they don’t consider it a chore when they take care of their gardens. Another seemingly hard chore in the house but is considered by some is cleaning their special collections and antique furniture. Although these people who own exquisite art can always hire someone who can do this job for them, often collectors love to personally clean their collection and don’t trust any other hands on them.

The same thing can be said for owners of vintage cars. If you have seen people collecting these classic cars, though these businessmen have hectic and busy schedules, they find time to personally clean their collection. These restored cars are considered collector’s item and therefore the cleaning is never trusted to anyone else. But if even if you own a mansion that has expensive and exquisite windows, cleaning them is a totally different story.

You would need proper training and equipment to safely clean them and not implicit any harm to yourself and to your home’s windows. And this kind of work is not the best chore to entrust your house-help, no matter how trustworthy they are.

Hiring professional window cleaning companies has been a consistent trend in the UK especially today that more home owners don’t have enough time to personally clean their windows. Especially if you own a traditional home with classic window art or a modern home that have expensive windows installed, it may not be the best idea to clean it personally or entrust it with cleaners with mediocre training.

In the UK, professional window cleaners are required to pass rigid training procedures to be able to handle even the most complex cleaning situation. And you can also be sure that an experienced window cleaner in your area have the proper tools and equipment to ensure the best and safest clean possible on your home windows.

Get Creative Bathroom Home Improvement Design Ideas For a New Look

Sometimes executing a job is easier than planning it, so when you want to take on a bathroom home improvement design, the most time spent will be in deciding on the details. Although there aren’t too many features in a bathroom, there are numerous options for each to consider, so you want to have an idea of the style, color and durability you’re looking for. A great bathroom design can make someone feel soothed and relaxed, so look into displays or sample photos to compare options and see what appeals to you.


White is not as common as it once was for walls, so everyone is trying to add a little color and flair to their decor. In the bathroom, you have the option of painting the walls, tiling them, or even doing half and half. Tiles are easy to clean and can be decoratively placed to create different patterns, but paint can easily be renewed and refreshed without having to worry about chipping or cracking. It’s an important decision to make that could influence the rest of your bathroom.

Baths and Showers

It was once the case that you could only really settle down and relax in a tub, and although there are fantastic, relaxing tubs with jets and multiple features available, they are no longer the only option. Standing showers now have options with steam jets, multiple shower heads and different settings to provide the same kind of relaxation as a bath. Space could factor into this decision or simply practicality, so you need to think about which is best for you. You may be surprised how proper spacing can simplify your job when planning out your bathroom home improvement.

Counter space

Your counter doesn’t need to be picked with durability in mind since we really don’t use it for much more than added space, so it gives you the opportunity to choose something stylish. Even the idea of a double sink is often better served by simply having one and then adding additional counter space. Granite, marble, laminate or glass are all common and trendy options, so find something that will compliment the chosen colors for the rest of the room.


Larger bathrooms may have sufficient cupboard space, but in many cases, you need to create places to keep linens, toiletries and other necessities. Wall cabinets, floor cabinets and even caddies that stand behind the toilet can all be added to give extra space for storing items. You can even get vanity mirrors with deeper shelving inside for maximum functionality.

When starting a bathroom home improvement design, there are more things to consider than simply color. With the right time and budget, you can completely transform any space and maximize its potential for both practicality and relaxation; just what every bathroom should be.

Why Are Household Electrical Wires Color Coded?

Have you ever taken a close look at the variety of wires running through your home? If you’ve ever seen inside the walls, or opened up an electrical box to replace a switch, light fixture or other electrical component, then you will know exactly the colors that I’m talking about. These wires are color coded to make everybody’s job easier. By understanding the basic coloring of your home’s wiring, you can make your dealings with electricity much safer.

The basic question that most people have is: what do the different colors mean? Wiring is separated into different colors in order to easily differentiate between different circuits and the root purpose of each wire in your home. A circuit is the way that your electrical service divides up the electricity that it is sending into your home. Each circuit is made up of a particular bundle of wires that is connected to its own circuit breaker. This set of wires will provide power to a certain room or other area of your home. Whenever you trip a circuit breaker, this is the area that will lose power until the circuit breaker is flipped back to the on position.

The national electrical code sets forth three different wire colors that are to be used in our home electrical systems. While there are many other regional variances and accepted wiring practices, ground wires are typically green or bare, and neutral wires are white or gray. Although this is the national standard, the colors that are used in the end are decided on by each individual electrician.

When it comes to choosing wiring colors, many electricians follow the following rules. Hot wires are often black, dark blue, purple, light blue or red. Switch legs are frequently yellow or orange. Ground wires are typically green. Neutral wires are most commonly white, but grey is frequently found in special situations such as GFI outlets. Three way wires are often brown. That being said, it is not guaranteed that the wires are all the correct color in your home. Always be cautious when working with any electrical wires.

Whenever more wires are present in a system, stripes are commonly used. These stripes, often a white stripe or blue stripe, indicate a specific application for each wire. In order to further differentiate, some electricians will use color coded electrical tape or other labeling devices in order to make electrical systems easier to navigate for future electrical workers.

In a nutshell, electrical wiring is mult-colored in order to designate the particular use of each wire. Without properly separating and color coding the electrical wiring in our homes, businesses and other building, performing any upgrades or repairs would be extremely difficult to perform. Additional time and equipment would be required in order to make sure that every job was finished safely and according to all local codes. By labeling these wiring up front, we save significant time and headache in the future.